Emmylou — Service

Location: Manor, Texas

Not only has my Emmylou given ME the ability to be independent and travel without my husband, she saves my life every day. She was the most valuable tool I’ve ever been given, but just a few weeks ago she embarked on helping someone else completely on her own.

My mother passed away suddenly on January 4th leaving my father and I by ourselves. I travelled to Pennsylvania and made it hours before she took her last breath the day my father had to make the decision to take my mom off of life support.

We are both obviously devastated, and Emmylou knew instantly that I wasn’t the only one who needed her.

She slowly has started spending more time kissing my dad like she does me when my anxiety is high, causing him to go into giggle fits and letting him forget for just a moment that he’s experiencing the worst grief of his life. She often leaves my lap for his when she hears him talking and crying in his sleep. She runs to him for her treats and brushing giving him something to look forward to every day. She’s literally saving us both right now.