Finch — Shelter

Location: Springville, Utah

This is my dog Finch! He’s such a good, wonderful, and calm boy. I work at the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter, and during one of my shifts, I found a dog. He was quiet, and sitting in the back of his kennel, just waiting for someone to pay attention to him. I made it a point to stop by and see him every day I was there. The day I heard he was going to the spay and neuter clinic to be put up for adoption, I was ecstatic and talked to my husband about getting a dog. He was very hesitant about getting one since his brother had gotten two puppies, and he wasn’t a fan of them. I made him come down to the shelter and meet him the day before we adopted him, and he instantly fell in love. My husband and I both have anxiety, and we’re planning on having him join our family to help us. Since having him I’ve been able to bring him to work every day with me, where all my coworkers love him. I started working with him to become a service dog. I have PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and Sensory Sensitivity. He instantly took to the tasks I wanted to train him to do. He’s done so well, and after some long months of hard dedication, I was able to register him as a Psychiatric Service dog, and have a wonderful companion. He’s made so many of my problems bare-able, and made me feel like I can do a lot. He’s helped me gain confidence in who I am and what I do. I enjoy all the little things in life more with him in it, and it made me realize that he’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.