Fowler — Shelter

Location: Olathe, Kansas

Fowler deserves the title of American Hero dog because he can be the dog that shows others that shelter dogs can achieve almost anything no matter their past when they find the right person. he has done so much to show that he deserved that second chance that he has gotten with me. When I got Fowler back in 2015 from one of our local shelters I had no clue how much both him and I would do together. Fowler was found as a stray in Merriam, KS and when I adopted him at the age of one he barley knew how to sit and pulled like a sled dog. Fast forward 5 years Fowler is now six and that same shelter dog now knows 50+ tricks/behaviors, performs at Pet Expos, Does therapy dog work, Agility and helps with dog bite prevention programs by doing tricks and providing an environment in which kids can practice greeting dogs.