Franklin — Search and Rescue

Location: Cave Creek, Arizona

Franklin answered the question, “Who Rescued Who” when I rescued him from a backyard breeder at 15 weeks of age. He has since become a service dog to me, a certified member of the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Search Dog Unit, and a therapy dog evaluated for the most complex environments (perfect score) by Pet Partners (ID #: 104317; exp. 9/30/2016).

Franklin excels at interactions with little kids. We use Franklin at The Fetch Foundation ( to socialize other dogs b/c he is so well balanced. He is excellent in hospital and senior living facilities. But, Franklin’s real talent is in Search and Rescue. Franklin is spot-on as a human remains detection dog earning certificates and praise from our unit and the North American Search Dog Network for his drive and perfect nose. One of the NASDN evaluators said if her child were ever lost, she would want Franklin on the search. Franklin also excels at air-scenting for finding live subjects and is known for his ability to range far and wide to find subjects.

Most of all Franklin is described as “the perfect dog” because he is remarkably social, maintains superior obedience skills, and is a very attractive and fun K-9! Franklin is a hero in every sense of the word . . . he saved me, makes everyone he comes in contact with smile, and one day will save a lost person.