Gage — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Diberville, Mississippi

Gage came to the Humane Society of South Mississippi when an animal control officer picked him up a street away from a house fire. With 3rd degree burns over 60% of his body he licked every volunteer and staff member. We knew then we needed to do all we could to heal his skin and heart. As a disabled military volunteer at HSSM I arranged for laser and aqua therapy and decided I would take him to all of his appointments and do his daily bandage changes while he stayed in the clinic office at the shelter.

Gage also had severe heartworms so after his wounds healed we dealt with heartworm treatment. Not one time did Gage, a black pittie mix ever show any thing but love and relief for the painful treatments he went through for months.

The bond created between Gage and myself was strong. In a way I didn’t realize. I work with big dogs every day at the shelter but this was so different. As I began training Gage is was apparent that he was my dog. He listened to me, was upset if I wasn’t there every day to play and train with him so in November I offically adopted Gage.

The little pittie that was in a fire with scars that will never go away (sometimes people ask how he looks camoflaughed) greets all childrens groups that come to the shelter and we go to schools as an education therapy dog (almost certified).

Gage was meant to do something positive after the abuse he endured, his job is educating the public about bully breeds and how to respect and care for pets!