Ginger — Therapy

Location: Bakersfield, California

I went to the local SPCA in December of 2014 hoping to add a senior dog to my home. I feel senior dogs are overlooked when people are picking a new family member. I came across a 6 year old female Chihuahua with only a number, not a name. She had been picked up on the streets of Bakersfield, CA as a stray, no collar no tags, no chip. No one had come looking for their lost pet, no one had cared she was lost. She had been overlooked and would eventually run out of time if I had not come along. I adopted her and fell helplessly in love with my now named Ginger, from the old TV show Gilligan’s Island. I became aware of her wonderful calm temperament from the beginning and knew I wanted to show the world what a great dog the chihuahua can be. So I went to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue and made an appointment to try out for the newly organized Miracle Mutts. The community outreach program through Marley’s Mutts. Now three years and over 400 hours of community service Ginger is happiest when in a lap and giving kisses whenever possible. We now visit the Beale Library for Barks & Books, Comprehensive Blood and Cancer Center to visit with the patients waiting for lab results or to visiting with their doctors, we go to many school assemblies throughout the year, The Point retirement home, The Summit Retirement Home and Brookdale Retirement home. We are asked to sit with Bakersfield College, Taft College and CSUB College students during finals for stress relief.