Gracie Lee — Shelter

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Hey guys this is Gracie, she is my pride and joy.! She is going to be a year old on March 7. It’s been a long year, but i wouldn’t have it any other way! We found Gracie through a mutual friend of mine and my god moms. She was crying and having trouble walking. She was only 6 weeks old and they were abusing her for going potty in the house. They were with holding food making her eat her own poo..throwing her like a football, etc,. they ended up braking both or her back legs, leaving her unable to run away from them.. or even walk. I drive her the hour home and took her straight to the vet.. they told us she needed a few shot and some serious help. They also told us not to expect her to live. Gracie is a fighter tho.. she had to get over the broken left and thought how to stand on her own again and even how to walk. She now runs and plays. She use to never let people touch her unless i was right there with her and she now loves people. She has grown so much. She goes to doggy day camp and they say she is always the first to help the other pups come out and play on their first day.! My Gracie, she is a fighter!