Harley — Law Enforcement / Arson

Location: Austin, Texas

K9 Harley started out as a stray and found himself spending nearly 9 months in the Williamson County Animal Shelter in Georgetown, TX. In 2014, I, Noah Moncivais, had the opportunity to select and train a rescue dog from the shelter. After testing numerous dogs, K9 Harley showed tremendous drive. The shelter advised K9 Harley had been looked over due to his breed (Pitbull mix) and reason why his long stay in the shelter. Not knowing K9 Harley’s background or temperament, he was selected for the K9 position. K9 Harley would be trained on three specialties-narcotics detection, tracking for search and rescue, and area searches (articles). With the assistance of an in-house trainer, I trained K9 Harley over the next six months before being released from training status. K9 Harley hit the ground running and assisted patrol and narcotics units within central Texas including his police department of Round Rock. In May 2015, K9 Harley and I took on the bigger challenge of assisting with search and rescue efforts during the Memorial Day floods that effected central Texas. Areas that were considered disaster zones and only accessible by helicopter, K9 Harley and I were deployed and attempted to locate missing loved ones. Over the next years, K9 Harley has not only had the responsibility of his trained skills, but has also been a symbol for community policing. K9 Harley and I have completed numerous K9 demonstrations for children of all ages.

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