Hope — Shelter

Location: Batavia, Ohio

Hope was rescued by our family but she also rescued us, especially our daughter Kayleigh. We got Hope through a program called Pets for Patients who have a relationship w/ Cincinnati Children’s hospital, they help families get companion pets by rescuing them and adopting them out to families, this is the hospital Kayleigh has basicly spent the last 5 years of her life at.
She was diagnosed and fought brain cancer at age 8. Then diagnosed w/ Leukemia at age 11. Which relapsed right after her 13th birthday. Then it relapsed again.. As we sit here in the hospital today while she receives therapy again… one of the things that makes all her fears go away and makes her smile and laugh instantly is her dog HOPE. She can’t wait to get home to her. Kayleigh will be crying, and Hope licks her and cuddles her and her face lights up instantly. Hope’s name says it all. Kayleigh has had so much therapy in her young body, and there are so many days where she doesn’t want to do anything like physical therapy or just take a shower, or when she gets down in the dumps. Hope is always there to cheer her up and Kayleigh literally forgets about it. This pic of Hope is how she looks at us when she wants something. She is the cutest thing ever and the best addition to our family. To us she is our hero dog. To Kayleigh, she is her hero dog and she gives her so much HOPE.

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