Hero — Service

Location: Davenport, Florida

Service Dog Hero was trained by Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, and has stood faithfully by his Recipient, Sarah’s side since 2014. He Alerts to oncoming panic attacks; calms her through bouts of terrible pain; alerts to allergic reactions to medications – even bringing help when Sarah collapsed. Sarah relies on Hero every day while she deals with the effects of several conditions, ranging from PTSD to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Hero was especially heroic this year, when, on her way to a Dr. appointment, Sarah was approached by a man in the street, who asked if she needed help. Sarah said no and thanked him for asking. Suddenly, he grabbed the fanny pack Sarah uses to carry common items and began pulling – trying to rip it from her waist and rob her as she sat in her wheelchair.

Hero immediately came to Sarah’s defense – putting his front paws on the man’s arms repeatedly to keep his hands away from Sarah. In true Service Dog tradition – Hero did not attack or bite, but made it clear that the man was not allowed to touch his Sarah, and causing him to run away empty handed.

Without her Hero there, things could have ended much differently. But Hero takes it all in stride. He went right back to work for Sarah, and they are a more connected then ever team, getting through each day together.