Jake Herrick — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Benson, Arizona

Jake is a 12 plus old ridgeback hound cross that I , John Herrick adopted January 3, 2010.
There’s probably no greater dog ambassador for the Benson Animal Shelter and its pet adoption than Jake.
Jake at the time of me adopting had been housed there for almost 1 and a half years. Jake had been abused by his former owner and had went through two failed adoption attempts,making his days at the facility numbered to 4 days till being euthanized. I arrived just in time to save Jake.

I walked in the shelter and saw Jake sitting there , this gentle dog with soft eyes and a beautiful soul. Jake was thin and all alone.Of all the dogs at the shelter that day,I was immediately drawn to Jake and somehow knew that we would be perfect for each other.

Jake had lost trust in people and had many issues.I let Jake trust again at his own pace.I noticed very early on Jake was blessed. Jake became and absolutely joy.Jake goes everywhere with me and people from Benson to Tucson know and love Jake.Jake has a calming, sweet demeanor that wins people over the moment they meet Jake.

Jakes amazing gifts up while my aunt was dying of cancer , she spent a little more then 14 weeks in Peppi’s House ,an inpatient hospice at Tucson Medical Center before she died.Jake was at my aunts side the entire time .Along with serving as a comforting soul for my dying aunt, Jake visited other hospice residents and quickly endeared himself to patients and staff as one of the facility’s most cherished residents.