Jazzy — Shelter

Location: Indian Trail, North Carolina

My sweet senior dog, Jazzy, came home with us a little over two years ago. Jazzy was dropped off at a kill shelter by her former owners. She had some serious health issues. She was heart worm positive, had a terrible UTI and was urinating on herself while sleeping, and had chronic ear infections. She was estimated to be 16 years old. My first mission was to treat her heart worms with a slow kill method due to her age and to get her UTI and infections cleared up. It took a few rounds of antibiotics. She looked every bit of 16 years old with stiffness, lethargy, and puffy eyes. Jazzy is now heart worm free and hasn’t had any recurring UTI issues. We have a wonderful vet now that found that she needed thyroid medication. The problems with her thyroid were causing her immune system to be compromised which is why she kept ear infections and felt bad. Now that she is on her thyroid meds, he felt her heart was strong enough and bloodwork was good to undergo dental work. He removed 15 teeth that were rotten and infected! Jazzy is such a strong girl, such a survivor, that she was eating that same night! She feels better than ever now! He estimates now that she is around 13-14 years old, but she has so much life to live and love to give! When she sees a treat bag, she jumps all 4 feet off the floor! I just can’t imagine ever giving up on her because she has lived so much life since she was given up on before. I was diagnosed with compound PTSD and she is my comfort and BEST FRIEND!