JJ — Shelter

Location: Valparaiso, Indiana

I am nominating my mothers dog JJ. A year ago the unexpected happened one of her dogs became ill given the age and tumor it would be too risky to do surgery so they had to help him cross the rainbow birdge… three days later their other dog would not eat, refused to come inside, was digging holes in the yard and hiding completely heartbroken passed away from a broken heart.
What hurts most was not hearing the pawprints run down the hall, no longer on a schedule for doggie medications for one of the dogs enlarged heart and not being welcomed by her dogs the house felt empty.
Things changed that week when they went to the shelter and came across JJ. She was scared and shivering. My mom knew this was the dog for her. So they adopted her. They didn’t know the obstacle ahead with JJ. One night she started to have a seizure, they went to the vet to find out she had a medical condition. After that seizure episode, JJ was scared, became quite nervous, and would snap and bite you everytime you tried to pick her up. Who would want a dog like that right? I think the previous owners beat her. We worked with her over the next couple months, she began to realize we were not going to dump her because of her health issues. She is on anti seizure medications twice a day and has not had a seizure in over eight months!! Not only did she get a second chance at a wonderful life, but JJ also gave my mom a reason to smile again.
We saved JJ, but at the end of the day JJ saved my family!

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