Jumbo — Shelter

Location: Carencro, Louisiana

We adopted Jumbo about 3 years ago. He was the smallest in his litter ( which was about to be taken to the shelter) and oh so cute so we had to bring him home. He has been a loveable member of our family ever since and a great big brother to his 2 four legged dog sister. Well while outside in Dec 2019 a husky came in our yard and our dog Daisy was barking at it and it went to bite Dasiy but Jumbo jumped between them before any of us could get to them and he took the bite instead of his sister giving his sister time to run to safety which is how he lost his leg. His leg was broken in two places. We couldn’t afford to fix the leg so it had to be amputated.. which I think he rocks 3 legs. Even with 3 legs he still watches out for his sisters and is very active. He is so so protective and loving. He is the best and we love him so much.