Juno — Service

Sponsor: Lulu’s Fund
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Juno was trained by prisoners in a TDOC work certification program with non-proft Retrieving Independence. Juno touched the lives of the men who trained her and helped them prepare for finding employment after prison. These sweet souls cried tears of both pride and loss the day she left their care and came home with me. Juno and I have only been a team since Nov. 2018, but she touches the lives of everyone she meets. Through social media and support groups, Juno has raised awareness for my rare disorder and taught other patients how a service animal can help them regain their independence, as I have.

I’ve suffered from a rare genetic disorder and its comorbid friends since birth, each condition worsening as I age. I’ve battled depression countless times over my poor health and the realization that I will never live a normal life. Juno has changed that. I rarely require crutches to walk now since Juno sleeps on my legs to prevent hip/knee dislocations in my sleep. I can walk because of this angel! I’m no longer afraid to venture into public alone because Juno warns me prior to fainting so that I may sit down and not be injured in a fall or assaulted by a stranger while unconscious (which has unfortunately happened more than I care to admit). Juno even alerts me to others’ illness, such as my diabetic father’s low blood sugar. She’s a blessing to my family as well, as Juno relieves the burden of my care. Juno is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. She’s my hero!

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