Karma — Therapy

Location: Sunrise, Florida

On February 14, 2018 when a tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School claimed the lives of 17 innocent victims, the Canines for Community Resilience dog teams were onsite in the Parkland schools and community the next day. Karma who was the lead dog in this program, who was specifically trained to participate in traumatic situations and is proficient in being able to tolerate, adapt and cope with the physical and emotional stress of critical incidents was invaluable in providing unconditional love, encouraging resilience, providing comfort and effective, safe mental support to the impacted community. She worked tirelessly throughout the year, side by side first responders, school psychologists, families, students, faculty, teachers and the community at large to help reduce a painful range of emotions and responses experienced by the people exposed to this high stress and traumatic event. Throughout the year, Karma attended community vigils, visited people at their homes, came to school and continued to be a resource for those affected by the shooting. Most of the kids, honestly, didn’t want to talk to anybody. I mean, what happened was beyond horrific. With the counselors and psychologists at the school, Karma was taken into therapy sessions with the students. With the animals present, students were able to cry and talk to the animals about what had happened and how they felt.