Kilo — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Rising Sun, Maryland

I have two children because of Kilo. After years of struggling with miscarriage after miscarriage I just didn’t think I could go through fertility treatments and more testing. I just couldn’t hear one more person tell me to try again it will be ok. That’s when Kilo stepped in, stayed by my side and made me feel like it was ok to be upset. He didn’t judge me or try to tell me something he thought I needed to hear. The fertility treatments worked and I had one baby and then adopted another. Without his calming presence through it all, I KNOW I would have never made it. Years later I saw how much others, especially kids, would benefit from interacting with kilo. I am a police officer and investigate physical and sexual child abuse, so after we became certified Kilo started coming to work with me. His purpose is to do whatever the kids need him to do. I have seen a boy so terrified to talk that he sat frozen, until Kilo sat on the couch beside him and he buried his face in his fur and disclosed the details of his abuse. And that is just one of the many stories about Kilo and the kids he helps. Most recently we were asked to testify in Annapolis to testify in support of a bill to allow dogs to go to court with kids (MD would only be 2nd state). We are now working with the courts to get the program started. Kilo has recently been diagnosed with cancer and is doing good for now. It never slows him down when it comes to the kids. What he does, its magic. Pic is from a day in court