Kodi — Shelter

Location: Jackson, New Jersey

I’d like to nominate our dog Kodi. This dog is simply amazing. As a pup he was homeless on the streets of SC where he was shot & left for dead. They removed the buckshot & shipped him up to NJ where he was placed in a local shelter where I met him & adopted him. Since then he’s had many battles. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, pancreatitis at just 7 months old. This never stopped him from being the loving goofball he was. Then blew his ACL resulting in surgery. Once healed, he tore the other one.

At 7yrs he started getting seizures & was placed on meds, and last year, if this poor dog can’t get any worse luck, over night, he started walking into walls and getting lost in corners of the house. He went 100% blind. After further examination both his retinas had detached. They think he has some sort of autoimmune disease where his own immune system attacked his own self and caused blindness. We had to give meds 6 times a day to give him a chance. We couldn’t save his right eye but we were able to get his left eye to 90% vision. This year the poor guy developed bronchopneumonia.

What seems like a never ending saga of sad stories, isn’t. He’s our miracle dog. His warm heart & pure soul leaves a paw print on anyone’s heart he meets. He’s an inspiration to all.