L.J. Sparrow — Service

Location: Hutchinson, Kansas

Sparrow, my border collie, has saved my life more times than I can count. He is my service dog and my companion. His ability to adapt to anything life throws our way has been a blessing. Prior to Sparrow, my life was a struggle, my disabilities were crippling me, making normal everyday tasks difficult at best, even impossible on some days. I have suffered from mental disabilities since childhood, and they controlled my life. In 2011 I made the decision to try to take hold of my life, and Sparrow entered my life. He started out being trained tasks for my mental conditions, which allowed me to be to do those everyday tasks that most could do without thought. He even helped me obtain a master’s degree. A few years ago, Sparrow started following me around more, hovering over me. I started feeling weak, dizzy, and started getting headaches. After a few days, I went into the Drs, and my EKG was 36 bpm. He had been trying to tell me something was wrong with my heart. With doctor care and time, my heart rate is no longer constant low, but still will drop and Sparrow will let me know so I can sit down to avoid getting dizzy while standing, adding to his already large task list. Then a couple of years later my physical aliments started to grow worse, and Sparrow yet again adapts, picking things up for me more frequently, learning to open doors, and other physical needs without hesitation.

Sparrow is truly my Hero. He asks for little but offers his whole heart.