Lily — Therapy

Charity Partner: Attitudes in Reverse
Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Hey y’all, I’m Lily, As you can see, Lily has an infectious smile and much larger personality to go with the huge heart she possesses. She began working just 2 years ago at the age of 1.5 and has already helped rapidly grow the need of therapy dog teams in our area.

She started out visiting nursing & rehab facilities. The more people she met, the faster her name spread! Within the 1st year, she helped aid the establishment of 8 new teams and helped visit and start programs at 3 assisted living facilities, 2 rehab units, a children’s home, domestic violence center, a readijng program with a local school plus visits to the 911 center and a local college. Through out the 1st year we began presentations with our hospital and public school system. While the school system is in progress, the implementation of a pet therapy for our hospital is now in place with Lily being the 1st team in laying the ground work.

While we are working with various people, especially the time we have with kids, we work to teach how you should greet a dog, respect and always to be sure to ask before petting. As Lily’s work continues to grow, we get opportunities to speak with other groups like girl scouts, 4H and even at churches with vacation bible schools.

For 2018, Lily became an ambassador, and Miss September, for Pinups for Pitbulls. This is where her picture comes in at the famous Rocky steps during her tour around Philly & DC. The steps represent overcoming struggles, just one paw at a time!