Lip — Service

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

At the ages of 14-16, I was unable to leave my home. I was scared, sickly and felt like anytime I would leave, I would die. I live with multiple disabilities but at the time the main one plaguing me was my post traumatic stress disorder. I asked so many times to get a puppy to train as my service dog. Then for my birthday, I got him. The puppy that I got on that day changed my life. I wouldn’t be anywhere without Lip. He is literally my lifeline. He helps me do everything at home and assists me when we’re out. I’m unable to bend down due to my rheumatoid arthritis so one of his most used tasks is item retrievals. Medication, water bottles, socks, anything he can fit in his mouth, he helps me with. PTSD can be a very overwhelming disability. Many people succumb to it and I would be one of them without Lip. I unknowingly preform harmful behaviors to myself when I’m in a flashback or traumatic situation. Lip is trained to stop the behavior and distract me. He’s kept me from getting more scars on myself. He allows me to be able to function somewhat normally and it’s great what I can do now. I still struggle daily but he helps me live the life I want to.