Loki — Shelter

Location: Agawam, Massachusetts

I rescued my dog from a friend who had to give him up. He is very protective. One day he saved me back. I fell down the stairs and was unconscious. He ran down the stairs after hearing a loud thump, and was barking real loud (mind you i was the only one home). I told him to grab my phone (he’s not even trained to do so) i had to call 911 and mind you he’s laying over my body. Paramedics and cop comes my dogs growling and barking at them. He’s very friendly loves everyone just never met a cop or emt people he didn’t know. didn’t bite no one either . the cop took care of him for me while they put me in ambulance. Im ok now. I also deal with depression and anxiety so when i cry he will see and plop down right on my lap after giving me many kisses he will wine to so i’m paying attention to him and not my attacks. I also wanted to commit suicide he saved me from that by coming into my life and being the best dog and friend i’ve ever had i’m glad i saved him (choose him) he’s my hero.

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