Lotus — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Oceanside, California

Lotus was given to me through a nonprofit service dog organization for veterans and now she is training through an ADI accredited program that specifies for veterans/first responders. She does a multitude of tasks for my service connected (100% P&T) disabilities such as item retrieval, forward momentum, bracing, counterbalance, deep pressure therapy, waking from night terrors, grounding for disassociating, picking/scratching interruptions, panic/anxiety attack responses, block/cover/post to provide space, checking corners, light guiding to safety/exits in crowds and more. She is a great role model for my husband’s new service dog in training and helps us show him the ropes. She has completed her CGC, CGCU, CGCA, and TDN titles and we plan on earning more in the future. Every day is difficult for me but with her help, I feel I can do anything. This dog has saved my life more times than any human or medication has and that’s why she is my hero, even if she isn’t awarded a title for it.

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