Luca — Search and Rescue

Location: Grand Prairie, Texas

On 4/15/16, Fort Worth Police were dispatched to a missing endangered male. Two elderly men visited a large salvage yard when one suddenly realized that his elderly friend with Alzheimers was missing. After a brief search, he realized he needed help & called police. Many officers responded due to the age/medical condition of the missing man. After an extensive search, Sgt Medrano asked Officer Brock if Luca would be of any help. Luca is Ofcr Brock’s retired SAR German Shephard who was 10 years old at the time of this call. Luca excelled in area, water, avalanche & forest/desert searches. Ofcr Brock believed Luca excelled in this because it meant a helicopter ride that Luca loved. Ofcr Brock picked Luca up from his home & Luca fell back into his training & used his SAR skills to search for the missing man. Luca alerted at an opening of brush at the Trinity River which lead to a very steep hill followed by a steep drop off. Due to terrain, a PD helicopter responded & immediately observed the lost man in the river, stuck in waist high mud on the opposite bank of the river where Luca alerted. Officers shed their gear, swam across the river, rescued the man & brought him to safety. Had Luca not tracked the man’s trail & located him, the man would have drowned in the river which still had very cold high fast paced water or succumbed to the temperature. Luca’s love & dedication to SAR shows the resilience of older dogs & how training doesn’t go away just because they retire.

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