Lucy Rose — Shelter

Location: San Diego, California

Lucy Rose saved me on December 22, 2014 when she was 7 years old. I found her on Facebook and immediately applied for adoption via Gone to the Dogs Rescue. She is the light in my world. Her previous owner had her go on rug samples. She is fully trained to go on puppy pads and outdoors. She was very shy and scared when I first adopted her. Sadly her previous Mommy was murdered. Lucy Rose has stolen my heart as well as others. We have a great rapport. She understands me and I understand her. She is much happier today. Her collapse trachea is always a great concern of mine especially at age 12. I keep her as calm as possible. Her pancreatitis is another challenge that is monitored and kept under control with the proper food and meds. I take pleasure in dressing up Lucy Rose with adorable tee shirt dresses and bows for every occasion. Her biggest joy is visiting her Shih Tzu Winston and burying his toys in his yard. She is very entertaining and lovable. She is my emotional support friend even though she is not registered as one. Lucy Rose is my American Hero Dog and my Savior for all of my medical challenges that I face daily. I love her to pieces.