Maddy Grace — Search and Rescue

Location: Southaven, Mississippi

It’s always harrowing when a person goes missing. But when the missing person is a child with autism – a nonverbal child who will not respond to repeated calls – it can be disastrous. After frantic searches to locate the boy, Maddy and her handler were called to help. Maddy knows a thing or two about rescues, she is a rescue herself. Through the thick woods beside a pond Maddy found the boy and led him home, safely. This isn’t her only case; it is actually one of many. Maddy is a very special girl who through her handler has devoted her life to rescuing others, assisting in locating drowning victims, and helping to find evidence to solve crimes. Beyond her missions, Maddy and her handler work with the community as a supporter and participant in numerous events and activities related to mentally challenged and developmentally delayed citizens. Maddy doesn’t just rescue lives, she rescues hearts all over the area by being a comforter to children experiencing trauma in the home by utilizing her long ears and soft coat as therapy. Maddy, who was rescued from the streets of despair now gives hope to others. From homeless to hero!