Maggie — Shelter

Location: Rockford, Illinois

Maggie came to is from a shelter in Alabama, she was over bred and abused, she was scheduled to be euthanized on Halloween but the rescue we got her from saved her and she is the sweetest most well behaved girl. Maggie has a scar on her back we aren’t sure what’s from, she also had a huge mammary mass. 2 months ago Maggie’s mass all of a sudden became hard and formed differently, comes to find out it was cancer. We did the surgery and had it removed. Maggie is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met especially with the past she’s had. My wife works at a nursing home and we take Maggie into visit and she loves it, she’s been through so much she can relate to the residents. Maggie has come along way since we got her back in December. Maggie also has Rocky Mountain spotted fever and a goopy eye. She takes 3 pills twice a day and eye drops and she never has a problem taking them. We got very lucky with Maggie.