Mini Bow — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Burkburnett, Texas

Hi, my name is Jaisa. I am a disabled, alot of my disabilities are from being stalked. It started in high school, & it continued for years. I tried lots of meds to help my extreme panic attacks as I would put myself in harms way. None of the meds worked so the next step was a Service dog. I got Mini Bow as my Service Dog. Mini Bow is trained in basic and advanced obedience, with a Canine Good Citizenship Award. He is trained by panic attack interuption, anxiety alert, reminds me to take my meds & gets my husband for help. He helps provide a distraction, so I can concentrate on something else besides what is causing my anxiety. He helps me on a daily basis with simple life tasks. If it wasn’t for him showing me that it’s okay to be in society, I probably wouldn’t be here today. He has saved my life & he one time alerted to someone else saving his as well even though he is only suppose to alert to me. Mini Bow goes everywhere with me. He is a good example that any breed can be a service dog. He helps me educate others. Most people have never seen a Maltese as a service dog, but I do get people who think he’s a fake due to his size but most realize after seeing how well behaved he is. Mini Bow is an example that any breed can be a service dog & he is a life saver. I really hope Mini Bow can be the next top Hero Dog, to help continue to show the world that any breed small or big can be a Service Dogs. I appreciate your time in reading & thank you for your support.

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