Molly — Therapy

Charity Partner: PAWS for People
Location: Shelbyville, Kentucky

Four years ago as a volunteer for National Great Pyrenees Rescue, I was sent an email containing photos and information about several Great Pyrenees needing foster homes. Molly’s sweet face called out to me and her story was no less compelling. Molly had an embedded collar which had to be surgically removed, she had scars on her muzzle which may have been from the barbed wire found on her coat, her nails were so long they had grown into her pads, and her rear tail feathers were so matted and filled with excrement she could no longer relieve herself. Despite all the neglect and deprivation, Molly never lost her love of people. After fostering her for a short time, we knew we had to make her a part of our family. Soon afterward, I retired from teaching and Molly and I embarked on a new adventure. We enrolled in w.a.g.s. Pet Therapy of Kentucky and passed the test. Molly’s calm and loving nature helped make her a natural therapy dog. She looks forward to visiting hospitals, a cancer center, schools, and nursing homes. She has even assisted an attorney in educating high school classes about animal abuse legislation. Molly has spent many hours offering comfort and serving as a distraction form patients’ pain and suffering. People respond to Molly. As one lady suffering said when Molly nestled up against her, “She just seems to know what I need”. And perhaps she does. Molly has suffered in her life, and she now spends her days giving back by easing the pain of others.