Monnaie — Search and Rescue

Location: Elkhart, Indiana

Monnaie’s photo was taken when she certified. She retired from human SAR when I could no longer keep up with her due to needing a hip replacement. After my surgery, Monnaie was still young and needed a job. Working in pet rescue I realized that there was a need for assistance in certain circumstances. We began transferring her ability to search to tracking pets. After locating several lost cats, we were asked to help in the search for a lost Siberian Husky that was dragging a chain and missing for 7 days. It took two days of searching and I was concerned that the rain had washed the scent. But try we would! We began our search. She took us through a subdivision where she had been seen. She then lead us through a wooded area and stopped when we came to a large body of water. My heart sank a bit as I looked at the deep water that we were approaching and thankful that we had done water training. She indicated that the dog had crossed it and with her determination, I sent my back up people across the water. Soon they heard a quiet whimper as they called out to the dog. Following the sound they saw her, tangled around a tree and unable to lay down. Her head was held tight against the tree unable to move. She was extremely thin and dehydrated, but alive! Without Monnaie leading us to this large body of water, she’d have never been found and would have died a miserable death. Monnaie loves her new calling, and sadly there is such a great need.

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