Murphy — Therapy

Location: Williamsville, New York

This is Mighty Murphy. He is the therapy dog that everyone looks forward to seeing. He has the ability to make the sickest cancer patient smile. He has the ability to make these patients thank US for doing what we’re doing.
Murphy was able to quickly evacuate a room filled with doctors. These doctors witnessed a dying teenager, with a fatal brain tumor, find the strength to smile and warmly invite Murphy in. This patient always looked forward to a visit from his furry friend. After they saw this 19 year old smile with joy, they quickly exited the room and agreed to come back after our visit.
Murphy has been able to get a paralyzed child, who suffered a gunshot wound to the head, out of bed after months of bedrest. He held Murphy’s leash while cruising in a wheelchair. This child truly believed that he was walking Murphy. Murphy visits our children’s hospital on a weekly basis. Providing a calming effect to children before they go to the OR, he is a welcome sight to all. He has several tricks that the patients and families love. The ultimate favorite is when I ask him if he is embarrassed. He quickly lays down, and puts his face between his paws.
Murphy also provides comic relief to the staff! He knows exactly where the treats are at every facility. Makes a mad dash to the head nurse’s office in the ICU, then proceeds to help himself with the treats.
I am confident that Murphy is making a difference in patients lives, one day at a time. Murphy is truly my hero.