Nakoma — Search and Rescue

Location: Boaz, Alabama

Nakoma…AKC Lone Oak Great Warrior Nakoma, Native American for great spirit or great warrior. In order to be a great warrior you must be a great hunter and that is what Nakoma is.

Nakoma is a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever and is currently certified in human remains detection by the National Association of Search and Rescue (NASAR), along with his handler Sandra Gulling. He is so dedicated and willing to work that he is also NASAR certified with other teammates of the Huntsville Search Dog Unit.

Nakoma is often requested by multiple state, county and local law enforcement agencies across many states due to his relentless and solid work ethic. He has had multiple confirmed outcomes and has located vital evidence in cold cases.

With Nakoma and the Teams training they stay mission ready to assist the community, he is dedicated and loyal to his job.

Nakoma also loves people, especially children. He enjoys visiting schools to help teach children about search and rescue and of course, all the love and petting. He also enjoys hiking with his family, playing in the water and retrieving his tennis ball.

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