Nimbus — Service

Location: Orlando, Florida

Nimbus saved my life last week. She gave me a syncope alert in the bath, moments before I fainted. Who knows what would’ve happened if I hadn’t left the bath in time. I was admitted to the hospital after my episode and will likely be having a pacemaker placed now that my condition is becoming less manageable. For almost 3 years now, I have relied on Nimbus’ alerts to function and avoid fainting from a standing position. I am a disabled mother to three kids with conditions of their own. Nimbus is trained to assist me directly, but loves her job so much that she’ll offer help to any of us. She has given me back so much of the independence and safety that my conditions have taken from me. She takes her job seriously and yet still knows when to be a completely goofy poodle. If any of us need a laugh, she’s right there clowning around. When things get serious, she will lay on my bathroom floor for hours, just waiting to be of assistance. Having someone around to always have my back, a partner in those tough moments, makes all the difference. Forever grateful to this incredible dog for giving me so much.