Nova The Service Dog — Service

Location: Clintonville, Wisconsin

Nova saved my life.
It was a really hot say when we were on our way back home from the county fair and I got hungry so i asked my mom to stop at the local Dollar General so I can pick up something to eat. I got my dog ready for work and she wasnt acting right she kept on pulling back on the leash. I thought she was just being sassy so I ignored her and we went inside the store. I was in a rush so i had forgot my medication in the truck. We got to the chip isle and she started to jump up on me and grabbing the leash and starting to pull. It was about 30 seconds before I fell and hit my head having a siezure, during the siezure I was having a very hard time breathing. Nova broke her active tasking and left me and ran to the front of the store to where the manager was and started jumping up on her leg before running back to me where i was having the siezure and not able to breathe. I was able to tell her my meds were in the truck so she went to my truck and grabbed my medication and my inhaler and quickly brought them to me and gave me a drink off of the shelf. If it wasnt for my service dog saving my life I might not be here today.
I believe there is no amount of words that explains how much I am greatful that my service dog broke her obedience to save my life.