Oliver — Therapy

Charity Partner: Attitudes in Reverse
Location: Cranbury, New Jersey

Oliver is the first trained Emotional Support Dog by Attitudes In Reverse, for me Anastasia Lambros. Oliver is such a great support for me, I decided to get Oliver tested for a Therapy Dog Certification in 2013. Since then Oliver’s adventures have been far and wide as he is a support to me and others, with ongoing emotional stress, or diagnosed with Mental Illness. He is a pioneer in starting the conversation about suicide prevention and grief counseling.

Oliver’s first adventures included the yearly walk for Attitudes In Reverse. He then continued to support others with Mental Illnesses at NAMI Mercer, also known as, National Alliance on Mental Illness in Mercer County, New Jersey. He provides wellness support to the staff and anyone who comes to visit in the office.

Oliver also does house wellness checks on individuals who are home bound and suffer from mental health Issues. He visits staff and children at nearby libraries and doctor offices, including Comprehensive Mental Health Services in Pennington, New Jersey. Oliver also provided support to those at Womanspace, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. He has supported individuals at Princeton House Out patient services, and Carrier Inpatient services.

Everywhere Oliver goes, even during spontaneous visits, he provides joy and support to all around him. Oliver is truly a Hero in every aspect of his life. He is especially my Hero, as I know Oliver saved my life . Thank you for considering him for the American Hero Dog Award.