Oliver Leland Kessler — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: San Carlos, California

Oliver is the perfect therapy dog! We belong to three different therapy groups that provide a wide variety of activities to different populations. Oliver works with the Peninsula Humane Society as a Pet Assisted Therapy team, going into local city libraries. Children from 2 to 10 come and read to him! He listens attentively while they get practice reading out loud. Oliver never corrects or judges so he is the perfect listener! The children love just hanging out with him while some read while others get comfortable with dogs in general. Oliver is one smart dog…he also is the lead dog for all of Stanford Universities dog therapy teams. The goal at Stanford is to relieve stress during exam times as well as provide stress relief to staff. We visit dormitories of undergraduate students, engineering students and staff, medical students and staff even the Medical School Deans office! Stanford is really fun as many of the students really miss their dogs and Oliver is able to fill that void. Oliver also works with HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response. This group is the gold standard of therapy work. Oliver has been specially trained to go into crisis situations and relieve stress and anxiety of the victims of the crisis. He has been present at both of the CA wildfires by Clearlake and most recently at the flooding in San Jose. He works long days at the Assistance Centers helping victims gather themselves to get the assistance they need! Truly amazing to watch!