Persephone — Shelter

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Persephone saved my life. On June 7, 2017,I had an accident that severely limited my mobility. I had been an active person. Losing that ability, I became severely depressed and thought of suicide. One day I was browsing through the Chicago Animal Care and Control Facebook page. I saw the cutest smooshy dog face. She looked so sad! When I saw her name I knew I had to adopt her. She had the same name as my favorite goddess, Persephone! When I went to adopt her she had already been adopted by another family. I went home in tears. Then a lady from the shelter called and said Persephone had been returned and if I still wanted to adopt her they would hold her for me. The next day was Father’s Day, and my oldest son gave up time with his children to drive me to the shelter and pick up Persephone. She has been the light of my life, and has brought me through my darkest times. She is my hero and I would not be here without her.