Petey — Therapy

Location: Yukon, Oklahoma

Petey or (Tripod Petey), as he is known on social media, is an amazing young Staffordshire Bull Terrior therapy dog. While it is a bit rare to have a “pit bull” type dog as a therapy dog. It is extremely rare to have a pit bull type therapy dog with only 3 legs!!! I am actually unaware of any other dogs who fall into his unique category.
Petey was a victim of human cruelty as a young approx. 4 month old puppy. He was run over and crushed by a car and left on the side of the road to die. He had extensive injuries, one of which resulted in the loss of his left hind leg.
Even though he survived such horrible trauma, he never lost his joy for life or his love for people. Petey’s story is that of a true rescue dog. Unwanted, unloved, and left to die, yet miraculously, not only did he survive, he actually thrived.
Petey has defied all odds and obstacles put before him. He is an AKC Canine Good Citizen, and became a certified therapy dog at only 17 months old!
Petey has made quite a name for himself in Oklahoma. He visits multiple Large Hospitals, Rehabilitation facilities, and is now also a hospice dog.
His human Mom says that Petey is the happiest dog she has ever met. He is so sweet, gentle, and compassionate that even young babies and toddlers can crawl all over him and he just lays still for them.
Petey is a true Hero dog! He is a survivor, he is an amazing ambassador for specially-abled pets, and a wonderful role model for all pit bull type dogs.

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