Piglet — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Gunnar's Wheels
Location: Westport, Connecticut

Piglet is a double dapple doxie chihuahua mix rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia. He is deaf and blind as a result of irresponsibly breeding two dapple pattern dogs.

Piglet was tiny, anxious, and doing poorly in the rescue so on March 4, 2017 Piglet came to CT for foster care. He quickly mapped out his living space, and settled into a routine with his mom and dad, and his six sister and brother dogs. With time, his separation anxiety improved. His foster home soon became his forever home.

Piglet goes on house calls with his veterinarian mom and the other dogs. He has friends who he visits at the vet hospital, bank, and pet stores. He loves to play out in the yard, take walks in the neighborhood and at the beach, and snuggle in his favorite blankets. He is friendly, smart, and has a great sense of humor.

Piglet has substantial online presence allowing him to engage and educate. A third grade class in Massachusetts used The Story of Piglet video for a unit on overcoming challenges. The students coined the phrases “A Piglet State of Mind” as they pondered the challenges of a blind, deaf, 5 pound puppy. The feedback we received from the children, parents, and teacher has encouraged us to increase exposure, arrange local presentations, and create custom video greetings for classes using the video.

Piglet participates in a number of fundraisers for the rescue that saved him in Georgia as well as special needs dog rescues. He was a celebrity guest at the Halloween pup parade for an organization that employs disabled young adults. He was recently invited to participate in the New York Pet Fashion Show in NYC, which benefited the NY Mayor’s Alliance for Animals. He’s a proud supporter of causes for animals and people!

Piglet is a survivor on a mission to encourage spay and neuter of dogs and cats, educate the public about the severe consequences of double dapple/merle breeding, to motivate others to adopt special needs pets, and to put a smile on faces all around the world.

Piglet is an inspiration to all that meet him both in person and through social media. He is an extremely adorable, engaging little treasure.

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