Ricky — Shelter

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

My dog deserves the title of American Hero Dog in the Shelter Dog category. Ricky brings a light to my life that is indescribable. I got him during my Masters program in Georgia. I remember looking for a dog but did not really intend to get one, seeing as I was a full-time student and had a full-time job. I came across his picture on the website and every since then fell in love. The foster parents brought him over to my small, little apartment and Ricky just lit up. It was meant to me. Unfortunately, when I asked him about his past, they think he was made to be a bait dog — considering his breeds (plott and pit bull). I ended up traveling back and forth for a month, an hour each way, to show my love and want for this dog. I ended up getting him and now he shines a light while I’m in law school. He makes everything happy. As a dog, he doesn’t care if I have deadlines, stressful relationships, or depression. He just loves me unconditionally and wants to show it. I love him for that.

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