Rocky — Shelter

Location: Houston, Texas

Seven billion people couldn’t save one human’s life until one dog stepped in. It all began on May 17, 2008, when a woman visited an adoption event, pointed at a small cage with a tiny puppy in it, and said: “This is the one I want.” She returned home thinking that she rescued him. She did. Once. He rescued her more times than she can remember.
In 2010, she was rescued from domestic violence that almost ended all of her dreams. In 2012, she was rescued from drowning in a sea of grief after losing the most important person in her life. In 2014, she was rescued from someone who promised life full of love but gave her life without parole. In 2018, when she became ill and had nobody to take care of her, he brought her back to life. In 2019, it was her, him, and a five-year-old child in a car when another driver ran a red light and almost killed them. Once again, he never left her side and helped her to put broken pieces of her body and heart together.
Today, Rocky, who was once a four-month-old puppy on the euthanasia list, and I volunteer together with a local ministry. He listens when people talk and children read. He does that with his cuddly affection and eyes full of joy–always ready to embrace with love.
This is Rocky’s story; the story I want to share with seven billion people of this world, people who are sometimes too busy with their own lives to notice anyone else. That’s the reason the Universe sends us precious heroes like Rocky.