Roosevelt — Shelter

Location: Sheridan, Oregon

My girl Roosevelt was rescued in Mexico and came across the border to Oregon. She was just a puppy that was found in an oil pit with her siblings and mother. On the first day we brought her home we realized she had Parvo. We nurses her back to health but every day we were uncertain if she would survive. She truly is the best dog. She is always happy and loves with a big heart. She takes care of 2 senior dogs it was 3 but her hero German Shepherd passed away recently. I have chronic pain and sickness due to autoimmune disease and a few things. I had hoped to train her to help me if I fall and carry things and just be by my side. We were told she was pitbull/German Shepherd. At 8 months the vet said she was done growing. I said that it can’t be as she is supposed to be a large dog and her legs look like corgi. We had to do the dna test as I had to find out how she got a full grown dogs body but has short legs. She is bulldog, terrier, pitbull, German Shepherd, golden retriever. I can see each individual dog in her. When I am in a flare up she won’t leave my side even if offered a treat or a toy. She lays beside me and waits patiently. She tells my wife when I have fallen or if I am being unsteady. I didn’t train her to do this. She helps our senior dog who is blind and deaf to navigate and tells her when to bark if someone is at the door. She doesn’t play favorites with me and my wife. She has to be touching us both when she sleeps. She is my heart.