Roux — Shelter

Location: Ethel, Louisiana

Meet Roux, found in the Atchafalaya Basin, hiding in a cypress tree. A 12 week old brownish (roux colored) puppy. He smelt of days old rotten flesh, his bottom jaw hanging off. No way to eat, now way to defend his self, ALONE and scared.
He had been SHOT and dumped, left to die.
From the moment my hands touched him, I was transformed. Rushing to our vet team, was the longest trip. Hoping for answers seemed impossible. Miracle is what I needed.
As days turned to weeks, Roux became a social icon, hope for thousands, and my HERO. As people around the globe sent gifts and words of encouragement. He continued to heal.
He was ALIVE, he was thriving, he was holding on….not giving up. Wrapped in 9lbs of puppy was a heart of a champion.
When everyone wantes to euthanize him or give up….he wanted LIFE. He earned his moment, he earned my respect. In this, my heart opened again. He changed my life and allowed me to fight again.
Life has a way of closing *us off*…I was existing, not living. Roux gave me peace I lost.
I am the director of St Landry Parish Aninal Control, the shelter Roux came to know as home. I am the one he came to know as Mom. And Roux became the one I got to know as HOPE and INSPIRATION.
Roux lives with no bottom jaw. He has over come fear of strangers, being alone, loud noises and handicaps, most pets never endure.
As we tackle everyday we tackle it together. We are a team. We are the pieces each have been missing.

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