Ruby Sue Taylor — Shelter

Location: LaRue, Texas

I will always believe God intended for Ruby Sue and I to meet.
She was not far from being taken to a shelter. Most Chihuahuas are yappy little ones, but not Ruby, she very seldom makes a peep.
I started taking her to work with me at an Assisted Living facility. Little did I know what she would bring to these elderly residents. It was amazing to see the love she had for them and them for her. She never batted an eye at walkers, canes and wheelchairs.
Many looked forward to her visits, it was proven in a study that one resident even experienced fewer seizures when Ruby was with her.
She would happily ride on residents walkers as long as they would push her, not realizing they were walking twice as far!
As time went by I discovered she had awesome way with Alzheimers folks. She sensed their fears and confusion,
and would look into their eyes and listen to every word.
She sat next to a Parkinsons resident and even though we could not understand a word he said, she understood.
I was asked by a husband if Ruby could visit his wife, who had little time left. I took her in and showed Ruby her friend, she carefully went up and snuggled under the residents arm, laid her head on her shoulder. The resident passed a short time later.
It’s so very hard to lose one of our friends, Ruby and I both mourn each one, then put on a brave, smiling face and know we have more to love.
This pic was of Ruby waiting in the hallway for a resident to come by for her to love.