Saadee — Service

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

My dog Saadee was rescued and has been lavishly trained daily by myself. I did not intend for her to be my service dog but that is what she became after she came and cuddled with me when I was crying. She always brings a smile to my face and helps me by pawing me or jumping up on me to “give hugs” when I stare blankly into space or when I just need “lovin” from her. She has always helped me and if I’m crying with my already in my arms she will come up and force her head between my hands or my arms so I can hug her and cry into her fur. She is my best friend and we always get along would mean so much to me that Saadee wins this award she has not been feeling well and I would love her to know that even tho she is old she can still rock her job just like any young dog.