Saadee — Shelter

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

My dog is saadee also known as saadee-bug. She is a pitbull catahoula leopard dog mix. She was owned by uncle and when he passed away I inherited her. The way that my uncle got her was because she was a bait dog. He was going on a walk one day and witnessed a guy throwing her and her puppies into a fight ring and she was being attacked. My uncle told the man he was taking her and her puppies or calling animal control. The guy relinquished her and the puppies and my uncle sold the puppies but kept saadee. Now she is my angel, when I’m having a bad day I come home to her. I know that she never judged me and is always ready to cuddle with me. She really is my miracle dog and I couldnt have asked for a better babygirl.

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