Sadie — Shelter

Location: Muskego, Wisconsin

Sadie travels around the United States with her very special Saving Sadie presentation teaching others to Think about what you CAN do and not what you CAN’T do, just like Sadie does! Sadie says “ALL of us have special needs, but ALL of us have special abilities, too!” Sadie doesn’t walk like a normal dog because after having yet another litter of puppies, she was shot between the eyes and in the back and left for dead in the mountains of Kentucky.

Strangers found her and through a series of events, she was transported to a no kill shelter in Wisconsin where I was only donating blankets. I didn’t need another dog because I had other furbabies at home. Because Sadie was fecally and urinary incontinent and couldn’t walk the vets were telling me to do the kind thing, but I saw something in Sadie’s eyes that told me differently, so I took her home for the night. The next day I took Sadie to a holistic vet who said that we should give Sadie a chance and that is where Sadie’s new “leash” on life began.

Now known in 60 countries, Sadie is no longer incontinent. The bullet was removed from between her eyes, but the bullet and shrapnel in her back are too deeply embedded to remove and her “walking” is severely compromised. Sweet Sadie doesn’t think about her disability because she is too busy enjoying life!