Sadie Ann — Therapy

Location: Colton, California

It is an honor to nominate therapy dog Sadie Ann. Sadie Ann belongs to Rim of the World Comfort Pets (RWCP).

Sadie Ann, a mixed Terrier, also belongs to Inland Empire Therapy Dogs, Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Veterans Administration, Kaiser Therapy Dogs (with over 200 hours of visiting), and R.E.A.D. She holds the titles of AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Therapy Dog Advanced.

Sadie Ann is pint-sized yet her capacity to share joy and love is beyond measure. She reads with children and visits veterans at the VA Hospital. Sadie Ann is best known though for the work she does at Kaiser. She provides comfort to children in the cancer ward, as well as many other patients, doctors, and staff.

Recently, two of my family members were hospitalized at Kaiser. Kathy and Sadie Ann made trips to the Fontana Medical Center specifically to visit them. My father, who has a diminished mental capacity, loves dogs. He held Sadie Ann for quite awhile. In a separate instance, my young grand-niece was hospitalized with MRSA. Sadie Ann made a special evening visit so that Brystol could hold Sadie Ann while an IV line was put in and blood was drawn. It wasn’t until Sadie Ann arrived that the medical staff were able do their job. Sadie Ann was truly a hero dog in these two instances and so many others.

I work alongside this team and I know their dedication. Sadie Ann is most deserving of the hero dog title; she is the perfect example of how therapy dogs change lives.