Shadow Batdog — Service

Location: Altoona, Pennsylvania

Shadow Batdog greatly represents the service dog community. He saves my life everyday the same way I saved his years ago…he was rescued from a person who had got him as a show dog but he wasnt to standard…they abused him greatly ( not feeding him, locking him in a too small crate at night). We later learned they had intended to shoot him if no one had gotten him…these people were not good people nor did they represent show handlers. We had gotten him as a pet, but when i realized his potential and how fast he learned and started to move on from his past, we started our journey. Before him I wasnt able to leave my house for fear of blacking out and hitting my head or getting lost and confused during a migraine…i would have been putting myself in harm’s way..but this pup…he is my hero…he goes above and beyond for me everyday! our saying is I saved his life so now he saves mine…to me he is an American Hero Dog!