Shepzel — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Los Angeles, California

Shepzel is an unique Rescue dog. He can talk!! He has 5 words in English which he uses when needed. He knows the name of his toys and can retrieve them on command.

He is an AKC STAR Puppy, AKC Canine Good Citizen and an AKC NAJ.
Sheppy is a Complex rated Pet Partner and from age 1 has worked on the UCLA Med Center’s People Animal Connection Team (PAC) and int he National READ Program.

Sheppy’s Magic in Oncology Unit – The patient was an elderly man whom the staff felt he was mute because he didn’t talk since admission two days earlier.

When I brought Shepzel into his room (followed by a nurse and a doctor watching at the doorway), the patient looked at Sheppy fearfully and kept taking on and off his glasses and playing with his belt.
I began to talk to him, holding Sheppy in my arms and sharing all about his toys, his “sisters” and how he loves to eat healthy foods and does agility training.

I said Sheppy was loving and sleeps in my bed. The man seemed to be calmer as I talked and glanced furtively at Sheppy.

I told him, that I would have to leave now, but I could bring Sheppy back to visit him . As I walked out of the room the man, supposedly mute, called out: “Hey, you forgot to tell me his age?”
Miracles like this seem special..however, Shepzel finds a magic way into the hearts of all he meets. Just last week in Oncology Unit a patient who held Sheppy for a half hour said to Sheppy: “Sheppy you made me forget how sick I am and I also forgot that I was in a hospital.”

Shepzel is a UCLA NODA Program dog – “No One Dies Alone” and comes into the room of dying patients to lie with them and comfort the family.
Shepzel is a Stressbuster in the UCLA Powell Library during student Finals, he was sent to a UCLA Dorm after a tragic campus shooting of a professor, he works int he UCLA Healthcare Booth at Wellness Festivals and more.

Every Friday at El Marino School in Culver City for 6 years, Sheppy reads with 4 second and third graders who are experiencing reading differences; he works through the National READ Program and now Pet Partner’s Read With Me Program.

I have the honor of holding this miracle dog’s leash. Shepzel is beloved by who meet him weekly in my private practice as a Psychotherapist.